Subiect: Eagles offense quickly plagued by injuries against Buccaneers

Things didn’t start off great for the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2 against the Buccaneers , first with DeSean Jackson breaking free for a 75-yard touchdown, and then running back Jay Ajayi being sidelined with a back injury during the Eagles first offensive drive.
The Eagles reported that the rusher is now questionable to return, which will have big implications on the team’s game plan. Ajayi was expected to carry a larger load this week, similar to that of Darren Sproles last week, but for the time being the team has neither.Ajayi was injured on his first carry of the day, which ended in a seven-yard loss. The injury came after a seemingly routine tackle. Just a few plays later, Jason Peters appeared to be limping off the field, and wide receiver Mike Wallace went down after his first catch as an Eagle. Wallace ended up being carted to the locker room after several minutes on the field.It’s already looking like it’s going to be a long afternoon for the reigning Super Bowl Champs.**[UPDATE: 1:47 PM ET][UPDATE: 5:29 PM ET]Mike Wallace is sad. We’re all sad. The Eagles ended up getting Jay Ajayi back in the second half Philadelphia Eagles Womens T-Shirt , and Peters doesn’t look like a longterm concern, but the Mike Wallace injury might be bigger than just a one-week recovery. Mike Vrabel has been preaching about playing aggressive from the moment he arrived in Tennessee.A month into the season, the Titans are doing just.At 3-1, the Titans are off to their best start since 2013 under their first-year head coach, having won three straight — each by three points.Now Vrabel has a team that just got a big confidence boost from a 26-23 overtime win over the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles."We're trying to build our reputation as a team and a player on what we're doing and what we will do as opposed to what we've done," Vrabel said.Vrabel already has made it clear he'll gamble on his Titans, going for it on fourth down more than anyone in the NFL. The Titans have executed, converting five of seven attempts. Three of those came on their game-winning drive in overtime .The Titans converted a fourth-and-15 with Marcus Mariota completing a 19-yard pass. They picked up first down on fourth-and-4 on defensive pass interference. Facing fourth-and-2 with Ryan Succop lining up for a 50-yard field goal attempt and a tie Philadelphia Eagles Hats , Vrabel put the offense back out, and Mariota hit Dion Lewis for a 17-yard completion. Three plays later, Mariota found Corey Davis for the game-winning touchdown."It's great moment, and it's also building great chemistry," linebacker Will Compton said. "Guys are believing and leaning on each other and playing complimentary football. The coach believing in us like that, going for it and not kicking the field goal, putting the offense back out there believing in them. It's a lot of momentum and chemistry for our football team."Vrabel rewarded the Titans with a day off Monday and game balls all around.The last time the Titans started 3-1, they finished 7-9 and Mike Munchak was fired for not making changes on his coaching staff.Vrabel is the Titans' third different coach since that season Philadelphia Eagles Womens Hoodie , and they visit Buffalo (1-3) on Sunday sitting atop the AFC South with a tiebreaker in hand over Jacksonville. This starts a challenging stretch with five of the next seven games on the road, not that rookie coach is too worried about keeping the Titans focused."It's easy to explain to these guys and show them if you don't play well in this league — I don't care where you play, I don't care who you play, you lose," Vrabel said. "That's the NFL."The Titans have areas to improve. The run game has been nonexistent except for Mariota facing the likes of Houston, Jacksonville and now Philadelphia. The defense can harass and sack quarterbacks, but they rank 25th against the run giving up 118 yards a game. Safety Kenny Vaccaro will miss "a few weeks" with an injured right elbow, a position where Tennessee already lost starter Johnathan Cyprien to a torn left ACL in August.But against the Eagles Womens Customized Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , Mariota just started and finished his first game this year after being knocked out of the season opener with an injury to his right elbow. He missed a start and came off the bench in Jacksonville for a 9-6 win.He threw for 344 yards and two touchdowns against Philadelphia, while running for a team-high 46 yards and another score. In the second half and overtime, Mariota was 19 of 25 for 198 yards with two TDs, no interceptions and a 125.1 passer rating."When you can execute in the most critical situations," Vrabel said, "you have a chance."Follow Teresa M. Walker at teresamwalker

Re: Eagles offense quickly plagued by injuries against Buccaneers

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