Subiect: MapleStory Closed Beta 2 Will Come to Us

I have some huge news guys, Nexon America has announced that MapleStory CBT two will arrive on July 18, and it continues to August 1, 2018. Yes, it's still a couple of weeks away, but I am quite happy now since MapleStory is my game, I even create a website to provide Buy MapleStory2 Mesos to all gamers.

As portion of MapleStory 2 continues, Closed Beta 2 will feature new content updates, control enhancements and new World Quests for Maplers who require more RPG inside their life.

Nexon will be offering multiple ways to enter Closed Beta 2, including:Killer Invasion Retweet Events: Social media events hosted on the official @PlayMaple2 Twitter station where players are going to be able to win beta keys; Tria's Tournament: A online website event is running from This summer 2 to This summer 12 with unique in-game benefits for participants that election for their favourite class and discuss their results. Select participants out of this tournament will get used of Closed Beta 2.

Razer Partnership: Razer, a world leader in devices that are connected and applications for players, will provide fans.

Maplestory 2 might also showcase a brand-new fight royale mode called Mushking Royale. Mushking Royale will be accessible during Closed Beta 2 1 weekend only, running from This summertime 20 through This summer 22, 2018. This newest mode will let up to 50 players fight against one another until only one champion survives. Improvements of this manner include the chance to climb on walls, jump through obstacles, conceal in shrubbery and lift a characters strength by defeating creatures. Benefits of playing with Mushking Royale includes cosmetic advantages for that launch Wikipedia.

"We have been hearing the community players and taking their opinions seriously," stated Jungsoo Lee, President of Nexon America. "As we implement new content, changes, and pressure test the servers such as MapleStory 2, yet another Closed Beta will ensure lovers may have the best experience possible at launch"