Subiect: Donnel Pumphrey is back on the Philadelphia Eagles.

The much-maligned fourth-round selection of the 2017 NFL Draft was never able to contribute to the Eagles: a hamstring injury during his first preseason landed him on IR Youth Jordan Hicks Jersey , and a similar injury led to him getting cut in the 2018 preseason. After spending some time on the Detroit Lions’ practice squad, Pumphrey has returned to Philadelphia.Much like Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls after a stint as a baseball player, Donnel Pumphrey has returned to the Eagles, some would say.Others might say it’s more like Jay-Z returning to recording albums after The Black Album was supposed to be his last, Donnel Pumphrey has returned to the Eagles.Still others might say it’s more reminiscent of Simba, returning from his flight to the desert and hakuna matata lifestyle to take his rightful place as king of the jungle. This is how some news outlets are framing Donnel Pumphrey’s return to the Eagles.Pump is unlikely to stick on the practice squad for very long Color Rush Nick Foles Jersey , as I see it: when they cut him earlier this season, it seemed as if Philadelphia’s medical staff had much decided that Pumphrey’s push to add weight to play at the NFL level was too much for his frame. It will be difficult to trust Pumphrey on a year-to-year basis, if his hamstrings are never up to 100% — which they very well may never be.Though, if Pumphrey remains healthy on the practice squad, that will be a good sign for his eventual calling up to the active roster — Lord knows the Eagles could use some running back help.Here’s an updated look at the Eagles’ practice squad:RB Donnel PumphreyDT Winston CraigLB B.J. BelloOL Josh AndrewsTE Billy BrownLB Asantay BrownWR Braxton MillerWR Dorren MillerDE Joe OstmanCB Chandon Sullivan It’s been just under six months since the Philadelphia Eagles added Australia-native Jordan Mailata to their roster. He not only earned a draft pick despite never having played a down of American football, but had enough potential for the team to use one of it’s 53 roster spots on the rookie — even if he’s mostly been inactive.So http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles … ham-jersey , while we haven’t seen Mailata on the field for a game just yet, he’s been acclimating to American culture, and showing off his talents along the way — although, yoga might not be one of them.
Dude can sing, like really singThe rookie showed off some of his talents on Monday at former Eagles All-Pro Vai Sikahema’s Luau in October kick-off event. The Vai Sikehema Foundation supports youth and adoption services, and Mailata showed up big to the inaugural event and wow’ed with his singing voice.That isn’t exactly the first time we’ve been gifted by Mailata’s voice http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles … rtz-jersey , with the rookie serenading his teammates and the media in the locker room during training camp.And he’s part GlobetrotterWhile wearing a shirt with a gigantic raccoon face, Mailata also looks like a Harlem Globetrotter with his ball-spinning skills. At 6-foot-8, he could always try his hand at a basketball career if this whole football thing doesn’t work out. (But, it’s going to work out, Coach Stoutland and Howie Roseman said so.)...RELATED READING: How 2 guys from Australia took completely different paths and ended up on the same NFL team

Re: Donnel Pumphrey is back on the Philadelphia Eagles.

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