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Former Newcastle player Lee Clark says this weekend’s Tyne-Wear derby is “the biggest of all time.” The game will be Rafa Benitezs second in charge, after the Magpies were beaten 1-0 by Premier League leaders Leicester on Monday Night Football. Newcastle manager Rafael Benitez focused on the positives following his first game in charge as his side lost 1-0 at Leicester. Newcastle are 19th in the table, one point behind Sunderland, who sit just outside the relegation zone. Victory would see Newcastle leapfrog Sam Allardyces side and offer a vital confidence boost going into the final games of the season.This is the biggest derby of all time because of the money thats riding on staying in the Premier League next season because of the television funds, Kilmarnock boss Clark, who also had a spell as a player at Sunderland, told Sky Sports News HQ.If one team loses, it looks as though that team could potentially go down. Hopefully Rafa Benitez has enough time to get his methods across. Scotland U21 head coach Ricky Sbragia agrees on the importance of the derby but the ex-Sunderland boss is understandably hoping for a positive result for the Black Cats.There are so many relegation permutations out of it yet. If Sunderland win, they break away from Newcastle, he said.Its key for Newcastle that they get something form the game and a win would be great for them, as it brings it all together. Ricky Sbragia says relegation battle could go to the last day I think it will go right to the last day. Can they bring a club down into the mix from further up the table? They are maybe too many points ahead.You will be talking between Sunderland and Newcastle and I hope Big Sam does it for Sunderland because I love the club.Watch Newcastle v Sunderland on Super Sunday. Coverage begins on Sky Sports 1 HD at 12:30pm. 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Sundays race will be held at the Sepang circuit, adjacent to Kuala Lumpurs main airport where the ill-fated flight took off earlier this month. Authorities now say it is almost certain it crashed in the Indian Ocean, killing all 239 people aboard.On February 9, 2014, Michael Sam publicly declared he was a homosexual. The Missouri Tigers Defensive End and SEC Defensive player of the year is eligible for the upcoming NFL draft in May. The watershed announcement gives rise to a bit of a legal minefield and the league and teams will look to ensure that no lines are crossed. Lets break it down. Does the NFL have any rules any place protecting homosexuals from discrimination? They do have protection for homosexual players, although it wont apply unless Sam gets drafted. Article 49 of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement provides that you cant discriminate against a player on the basis of "race, religion, national origin" or "sexual orientation". The reference to "sexual orientation" is brand new in the CBA, and the other 3 major sports also have a similar provision. Heres the catch: the CBA wont apply to Sam if hes not drafted. While the CBA provides that it covers all "present and future" players, it still restricts that player pool to drafted rookies or undrafted players who are negotiating with a team. If undrafted, Sam wouldnt qualify as either type of player. So that means if Sam goes undrafted, the NFL CBA wont apply to him. Is that it? Is there nothing else protecting a player like Sam? There is, but its not perfect. Theres no federal law prohibiting discrimination based upon sexual orientation. The existence of such a law would be ideal for Sam since it wouldnt matter where he would end playing since a federal law covers the entire country. There are laws at the state level, although not every state has them. In all, 21 states have laws on the books that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in the context of private employers. So that shakes out to 27 of the 32 NFL teams being the subject of gay employment protection laws. So which teams are in states where there arent state or other local laws protecting gay people? The five teams are as follows: Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals and Tennesseee Titans.dddddddddddd Heres the big question: if Michael Sam is not drafted, can he sue and win? Indeed, that is the big question. Sam is projected to be a mid to late round pick. In order to be successful in a lawsuit against the league he will need to show that he was not drafted because he is a homosexual. That can be tough in the context of a draft – even if it is true. We have seen the draft stock of players inexplicably drop in all the sports. We routinely see players drafted a lot later (or earlier) than projected. Apart from the top prospects, drafts can be highly unpredictable. Indeed, drafts are complicated beasts and it can be hard to show that a player wasnt drafted simply because he is gay. To have a shot at winning a lawsuit, Sam would need strong evidence supporting his case. He would be looking for things like incriminating statements or emails that provide that a team conspired not to draft Sam because of his sexuality. That may not be easy to find. Teams may pass on Sam because he is gay, but just never say it. Ultimately, Sam would need a smoking gun, and absent that he would have a tough time winning a lawsuit. Do you think teams will take a pass on Sam because hes gay? Reason would suggest that some teams may shy away from Sam because he is gay. From a philosophical standpoint, some executives may not be comfortable with the idea of a gay player. Other teams may not have an issue with his sexuality, but may still take a pass because they fear he will become a distraction. Indeed, we have already heard anonymous executives express this sentiment. While some may believe he could become a distraction, and by extension adversely affect his team, it seems unlikely to be the case. The NFL is filled with real and legitimate distractions: DUIs, domestic violence, vehicular manslaughter, murder and whatever Dez Bryant did last Sunday. None of these events have led to the downfall of a team or the demise of the league. And most certainly something as innocuous and irrelevant as a players sexuality wont become a problem. 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